I had always wanted to be “in shape”. After graduating from Florida State University and making the 1,000 mile trek to Baltimore completely on my own, I decided it was time to make the change I had wanted for so long. Of course, like anyone else starting out on their fitness journey, I had no idea where to begin. I was nearly 200 pounds and everything inside of a gym atmosphere completely intimidated me. I began working out at a local gym and tried maneuvering through the equipment to see the results I was looking for. After months of seeing very minimal results, I decided it was time to hire a personal trainer. I worked out with her twice a week for 12 weeks but wound up paying over $300 a month through the course of a year. I found myself motivated while I was training, but couldn’t find that extra “umph” that I needed when I didn’t have the support during my workouts. After the 12-weeks of personal training, I was back to being lost in the gym. I needed a place where I would feel motivated and encouraged, and pushed beyond what I could do alone.

My trial at BeMORE lasted for 21-days and, needless to say, I found that extra “umph” that was missing from my fitness routines. I found sessions that I actually enjoy attending. I found a community of people that are not only motivating, but also encouraging and supportive. I am in awe of the energy and commitment that the members bring to each session and how strangers in the gym quickly turn into accountability partners and friends. I have developed a love for fitness that I never knew existed. There is no way that I would be where I am today in my fitness journey if I didn’t have the people of BeMORE Boot Camp supporting and challenging me each day.

by Samantha Redling