My challenge has always been saying no. I lack impulse control! Food is my anti depressant. Cupcakes, chocolates, chips, and fried foods were my staple diets.

Last year I was in a car accident which caused me to have nerve damage and bulging discs in my neck. My boyfriend told me if I lose weight I’d probably feel better. All I heard was him telling me to lose weight. I was furious and thought he was the most shallow person on earth. But he was right. I needed to lose weight. He was SO right. Actually, everything he was saying to me was exactly what I thought of myself. I wanted to lose weight. I tried diet pills, not eating, crazy diets, thought about laser lipo but nothing was working. I was actually gaining more weight! I hated the way I looked and I was scared for the my health. I kept eating more and more. Every time I felt bad I ate more bad food. I was having palpitations and none of my clothes fit. I was really unhealthy both physically and mentally.

It wasn’t until my doctor told me I was obese that I really started to think that my eating and weight were out of control. I was approaching 180lbs at 5’2.

I was at the doctor’s office. I asked the nurse to deduct 10lbs off my chart. She was nice enough to do it. I was so embarrassed to be so big.

Oddly the same weekend my friend asked me to join her for a trial workout at B-more Bootcamp. I joined her that weekend. I really enjoyed the workout and running on the field. It made me feel like an athlete – lol like a warrior. I’m not sure if it was the intensity of the workout, the motivational text messages, or the results I started seeing but I stuck with it. I kept coming back – even when my friends stopped coming.

I remember telling Casey that the price was too expensive. He told me it was an investment. I have to say he was right and the best investment I’ve ever made.

B-more Bootcamp provided me with a meal plan and weight lose challenges that really work. I remember texting Casey that my muffin top was gone!!! My friends who initially invited me to B-Mor Bootcamp asked me what my secret was for weight lose. I told them it’s not a secret it’s B-More Bootcamp!

Casey and his team changed my way of thinking. Every time I failed, he’s been so supportive and positive. He told me to just start again tomorrow and he was the first person to notice I was losing weight.

Today I feel great! Today is my 30+ birthday and I’ve lost 30lbs!!!

My health is better and my back and shoulder pain is minimal. I hardly use pain killers and I’m off steroid injections. The best part is my mom and I meal prep on Sunday’s which I really enjoy because we spend quality time together. My mom isn’t a member but she’s been following the meal plans too and she’s lost 15lbs. My dad is a diabetic and he’s been able to control his sugar levels much better. I can’t thank Casey and the B-More Bootcamp team enough for saving my family, my health, and for helping me to change my life.

Testimony – Dee Lind