If people can already accomplish a lot doing solo work at the gym, why do many people still opt to join group fitness classes? That’s because these group exercise programs have many benefits that cannot be replicated when you just work out alone. Let’s check them out and discover the power of group fitness classes.


Group classes are led by trainers, so there’s a definitive structure built into each session. From running through the warmup to getting through the various sections of each session then cooling down and closing up, being able to work within a structure is something that’s needed by many people.

Good trainers can also keep the participants engaged through even the most harrowing and challenging stretches. They can teach good habits and proper form and will be able to reinforce these pointers as needed. Many people find it difficult to maintain a proper training schedule on their own, and this is where the leadership of a good trainer is of such benefit.

Group dynamics

People are wired differently. So, while it’s perfectly fine for many to do all their workouts solo without any problems, others get a lift from being part of a group. Did you know that people who exercise with a group will be seven times more likely to stick to the program than people who go at a fitness regime solo?

That’s because being part of a group gives an individual some measure of accountability. It can be easy to sleep in instead of going to the gym if you’re the only one who’ll know you skipped out. But if you have a regular group who’s expecting you to be there, you’re less likely to ditch the session.

Enhanced short term benefits

In addition to contributing towards the fulfilment of one’s long-term fitness goals, being part of a group also provides a boost in the short term. By feeding off the group energy created by those around you, it’s easier to sustain greater efforts throughout every session. This is especially beneficial when you’re running ragged at the tail end of a set, or when you’ve had a long day and are merely dragging yourself to finish the class.


While all gyms are different, each one will have a variety of different programs and trainers to choose from. One of these is sure to fit your individual needs and requirements.

Some group fitness classes are introductory, teaching fundamentals in a group setting in one-off workshop-style sessions. Other classes are geared towards a more sustained effort focusing on specific fitness goals such as cardio, flexibility, or strength training. These aim to continuously build your progress as you work through the classes.

Whichever style of working out suits your temperament, there’s a good chance you’ll find a group fitness class that caters for it.

The power of the group

The power of group fitness classes lies in their ability to motivate the group members. With a pre-planned structure and the benefits of social bonding, the participants are encouraged to maintain a sustained effort. This works not just on a per-session basis, but throughout the course of an entire program.

If your solo stints at the gym are getting boring, or you find you’re unable to muster the motivation to get off the couch and go to the gym, you might want to try signing up for a group exercise class. You might just find the boost you need when you have other like-minded people doing their exercises alongside you!