This will naturally vary from individual to individual. It’s is not a “Hollywood Quick-Fix Diet” promising overnight miracle weight losses that don’t last. There’s only ONE way to effectively lose body fat and keep it off, and that’s to follow a complete well-balanced nutrition, exercise and supplement program. The increased physical activity when you start our program, together with the recommended changes in your diet and nutrition will be the key to the weight losses you will make and keep.

Some individuals will actually gain a pound or two at the beginning, but that is perfectly normal. This is usually due to your muscles responding to the new resistance training by absorbing more water to aid and repair in the rebuilding process. This water weight gain is only temporary and will disappear after a few days.

Remember that getting your body to effectively and efficiently burn excess fat stores, requires a synergistic approach encompassing changes in diet, cardiovascular exercise and resistance training. Your objective is to continually improve and progress in all THREE of these areas if you want to see a real body transformation. Simply performing resistance training without including cardio exercises and the prescribed diet, will not bring about the long term significant changes you hope to make.

A decrease in 1 – 2% of body fat in the first 4 – 6 weeks is very good. It takes several weeks more to bring you to the level where your body begins to maximize fat burning as you continue to progress to higher levels of workout intensity. If you follow the program correctly you’ll start to see significant changes after about 12 weeks. You can properly evaluate your progress by how your clothes fit, using the mirror rather than the scale!