Although discomforting, the muscle soreness and pain you experience after
your first few workouts is a positive sign. It means that your muscles have responded to the increased demands of your new workouts and are breaking down in order to rebuild. The muscle soreness often referred to as “DOMS” or (delayed onset muscle soreness) may actually start 24-48 hours after your workout. This is due to micro trauma or small tears that occur on the muscle fibers. The best treatment for DOMS is simply ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation and discomfort. Your body will adapt to the new demands of your resistance training and the soreness will go away after your first few workouts.

Periodically through your program, especially when your trainer introduces a new stimulus you will be sore again for a day or so. This is part of your normal progression and should be expected. However, if you continue to be sore after every workout it’s an indication that something is wrong. You may be over training and/or not receiving adequate nutrition and rest for recovery. Please consult with your trainer if you’re experiencing persistent soreness and muscle or joint pain.