Drill Yourself into Shape Fast with Fitness Bootcamps

Fitness routines can be boring—especially solo routines. That’s why some people find it hard to sustain their efforts to get fit at the gym or at home. There are, however, other avenues to fitness that you can take. These are different approaches that can spice up your fitness regimen and motivate you to work harder and more consistently. One such way is through something called a fitness bootcamp.


What’s a fitness bootcamp?

When you hear the word ‘bootcamp’, you already have an idea. You imagine troops lining up to do a set of drills and exercises. A fitness bootcamp is similar to that, and the classes are loosely based on the military variant. The main difference is you’re wearing workout clothes and trainers instead of fatigues and boots. Instead of a drill sergeant, you get a fitness instructor keeping the class organized and motivated.

Sessions are usually done outdoors in the fresh air, which is a bonus for some people. Of course, some gyms also offer indoor solutions because not all locations have access to open-air spaces.

Bootcamps, by definition, are short in duration and feature high-intensity workouts. True enough, the typical fitness bootcamp is designed to help participants achieve solid results in a short span of time. Classes usually span an hour and take place over several weeks.


What do you do in one?

The sets usually feature exercises you might see in circuit training and HIIT. Of course, different trainers will have different approaches to their respective bootcamps. Crunches, pushups, burpees, and similar bodyweight routines are usually included. Strength training may also be part of the program. Exercises are done in quick succession to maximize calorie burning and elevation of heart rate.

For these reasons, these group sessions are perfect for people who want to trim down weight fast. They’re also great for people who usually work out on their own but want a break from the solo stuff. People who need a quick batch of high-intensity training sessions will also benefit from these classes. Since programs usually only run for several weeks, signing up won’t require you to commit to a long-term gym membership.


Adapting to the new ‘normal’ situation

You might wonder what’s the appeal in group classes when there are restrictions on gatherings along with social distancing measures. Don’t fret—even with partial lockdowns, fitness bootcamps are still going strong.

Classes are now managed in smaller groups, such as groups of four or five. Indoor variants observe the same restrictions on headcount as other group fitness classes. Since bootcamps involve minimal, or no use of equipment, there’s no fear of touching stuff others have used.


Give it a try and see how it works for you

Fitness bootcamps feature high-intensity workouts that deliver results backed by a group setting for motivation. If that sounds like something you would like to try out, don’t hesitate to find one near you. Being able to switch up workouts should help keep your motor running. Plus, meeting like-minded people and being in an organized class could do wonders for your personal fitness. Sign up now and see just how a fitness bootcamp can elevate your personal fitness!